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„Prachtexemplar“, 2023.

(0,50m x 0,50m x 1,90m)


Metal display case, thuja, light, water, fertiliser, loudspeaker

Photos: Natalija Borovec

A subtle look at growth and limitation. In the work "Prachtexemplar" by Mimi Kohler, the viewer is presented with a quiet reflection on the relationship between growth, limitation and adaptability. The central element of the work is a carefully selected thuja plant growing in a spiral in a display case. While the thuja is normally used to form dense hedges, here it is isolated and becomes a symbol of individual growth within defined boundaries, and over time the plant will reach the limits of the display case. This raises the question: will the plant adapt and take on the shape of its surroundings or will it be stopped in its natural growth? With "Prachtexemplar", Kohler quietly but forcefully invites us to reflect on our own adaptability, on the limits that are set for us from the outside, but also on the limits that we set for ourselves. A thought-provoking work that raises profound questions in its simplicity.

(Text: Patrick Alan Banfield)

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