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"#Plantfluencer", 2021.

40 x 60 cm

Photography (Inkjet Print)

limited edition 

Sofa, table, lamp, books, rocking chair, cupboard, wine, glass, candlestick, cushion, candle, plant humidifier, lava lamp


Instagram, a platform for opinion-forming and self-staging. Plants are the new status symbol. People surround themselves with nature. Living areas are becoming green oases. Pure relaxation within your own four walls suggests a strong connection to nature and environmental awareness. The members of the plant community present their private green picture galleries to a largely unknown public. You will find yourself in the living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms of houses you have never been to, populated by diverse plants from exotic countries you have never travelled to. Cultivated and imported from far away, there is a public competition for the largest, hippest or strangest plant species and their most individual combination.

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