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„Mobiliar für ein Arbeitsgericht“, 2022.

(2,10m x 0,90m x 1,00m)


Wood, cards, foam


In addition to the courtrooms and offices, the Stuttgart Labor Court also consists of an unexpected number of waiting areas. Bare, sterile and without any plants, they do not invite people to linger. The tense situation of the waiting people is reinforced by the created environment. The wild cardoon (lat. Dipsacus fullonum) is armed with spines, which protect it from predators in nature. It grows biennially, which is why it is found exclusively in untouched places. Our natural landscape can now be described almost exclusively as a cultivated landscape. There are hardly any areas of land that are not cultivated by man and correspond to the uninfluenced state of nature. The sofa created by the artist suggests at first glance an inviting seat, but at second glance the object is only visually comprehensible and thus loses its utilitarian character.

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